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Living by the Chaophraya River

Bangkok Living

There are even a few central districts that are rocking the neon till the earlier hours or even right through night in some neighborhoods.


This is part of the attraction of Bangkok, its spice and sizzle or frantic mad pace during the heat and/or clattering noise during the rainy season.


Where to Live for Peace of Mind

If the rumble of traffic or hawking of goods isn’t for you there are always concealed tiny Sois in even the heart of Bangkok that can unveil a hidden life of peace and quiet. There’s no point listing any of them as the chances of finding one with a property to rent are slim. The best way to find these recondite gems is to go by foot or motorbike, or the optimal way is by bicycle.


Map out a half day’s exploring at a time as a full day can be too much for even the most doughty of constitutions in the punishing heat.


If a day’s scouting isn’t viable then the Bangkok property hunter may well choose to limit their search to Condos and Houses that lie close to the major parks or the supreme choice if the budget allows, by the river Chaophraya.


What Side of the Chaophraya is Best?

This is an interesting question because the orthodox view is the Eastern or northern side of the Chaophraya is the most desirable. The best hotels are located here including The Oriental and The Shangri La, and so the highest quality tourists and business people are to be found in the locale.


However it’s the Western or Southern Side that we feel is the best side to live, as it has the best views including those aforementioned hotels and some of the Bangkok temples and palaces. The prices are lower and the view is better. That’s a pretty robust argument in our book.


What’s So Great about the Chaophraya River?

During the day the Chaophraya is a murky and silted alluvial river that seems somewhat humble and functional. But it’s during the early morning and the night time that the river transforms into a special retreat from the usual thronging Bangkok energy.


We’ve already outlined why the Western and Southern side of the Chaophraya is superior to live on, but what makes the river so magical at night is the necessity to cross it by boat.


Many of the condominiums have their own vessel and it’s OK to use the hotel ones if need be. Crossing the river at night is an enchanting experience and makes up for all the hard work that has been put in during the day. In addition to the nighttime crossing the act of waking up with a commanding view of the Chaophraya River is a completely different energetic feeling.


In the early hours from 5.30am onwards it is anchored in the most relaxing energies to be found in the Kingdom.


The rice barges returning loaded with hulls deep in the river meander slowly while the empty ones return expeditiously North.


No better place to live in Bangkok exists than the Chaophraya.

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