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Is Living in Thailand a Good Idea

Is Living in Thailand a Good Idea

Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations for expats. Therefore, if you have ever seriously considered a life outside your home country, Thailand may have been one of your major choices. However, various people who have walked down this road in the past may offer conflicting reports on what it is like to live in Thailand. So, is living in Thailand a good idea? Below are some facts to help you make the right call.


It’s A Subjective Matter

The answer to whether living in Thailand is a good idea is not that simple. It all comes down to the person in question. What may be a deal breaker for you, may be the ultimate reason another person moves into this popular South East Asian country. Therefore, the only way to know whether Thailand is for you is to consider all the factors involved and decide for yourself whether the odds tip in favor of a life in Thailand or not. With this in mind, below are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to move into Thailand.


Why It Is A Good Idea

The first benefit of living in Thailand is that the cost of living is considerably lower when compared to living in western countries. Therefore, if you are a retiree trying to make your pension go much further and no other obstacles stand in your way, Thailand is a great place to live.


One of Thailand’s main selling points is its great food. Everyone who moves to Thailand falls in love with some of its dozens of delicious dishes. If you are a food connoisseur, then a move to Thailand will prove to be incredibly rewarding. More importantly, these dishes are quite affordable, which should make your life much easier.


Thailand is a beautiful country, geographically and culturally. The people are happy and warm, and the scenery is something of a tourist’s dream. There are numerous beaches, a vibrant social scene, world-class entertainment, and other pleasures of modern life.


Medical care in Thailand is very good, and so is education. The point is, Thailand has great infrastructure and amenities to make you live your life comfortably and at high standards. Even though traffic has been a thorn on Thailand’s side for a while, and certainly made some people rethink their idea to move to the country, there is currently a reliable train system to help people move around.


Why It Might Not Be A Good Idea

Thailand also has some setbacks for a traveler. For instance, foreigners cannot own land. Furthermore, politics tend to be murky, although Thailand never seems to have a problem recovering from occasional political upheavals. The culture is also vastly different from what is usually the case in the west. Some people are also not particularly thrilled about the country’s hot tropical weather.


Bottom Line

In general, living in Thailand is a good idea. There are more pros than cons for moving into Thailand. However, if the culture, politics, weather, or property ownership rights are a deal breaker for you, then moving into Thailand might not be a good idea.


What’s important is to keep in mind that every country in the world has its own set of problems, and Thailand is no exception. However, Thailand is one of the top expat destination in the world, and most people don’t regret living there, and in all likelihood, neither will you.

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