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Interior Design Trends for 2013

Posted by niveth-admin on January 9, 2020
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Perhaps you have just moved in to your new Bangkok apartment; you are enjoying the view and loving all of the new space you have. However, you realize your new home lacks furniture and even worse, lacks the “enjoyable splendor” that any apartment needs. No worries; we are here to help by providing you with the top interior design trends for 2013. By following, or becoming inspired by, these great trends you will be able to go to sleep at night knowing that your new Bangkok apartment is perfect in every way.


Design Trends 2013


Design Trend 1: Bold Bright Colors

There is no need to “play it safe” when decorating your Bangkok apartment. Lemon yellow, lime green, tropical turquoise, or any other bright colors are the new blacks, browns, and grays. These colors will dominate with vibrancy allowing for lively and stimulating fabrics, fittings, and color palettes.

Whether you are on a budget or have an ample amount of money to spend; Bangkok has several interior design stores offering zesty color combinations!


wallpaper headboard source martha stewart


Design Trend 2: Patterns

Patterns of all sorts are making a comeback. From floral designs to abstract prints; any sort of pattern against a white background is defiantly in style and at the top of the list for interior design trends in the upcoming New Year.  When considering this choice do not bother matching your patterns with the rest of your Bangkok apartment; the point of ‘mismatching’ is to stimulate you and your guests senses. Pair stripes with floras’ or oriental with geometrics; anything goes and it will look amazing.




Design Trend 3: Make a Chair a Focal Point

Chairs are a part of every single home; however, we when say to “make a chair a focal point”, we don’t mean any chair we mean a chair that catches everyone’s eye and makes a statement! No Bangkok apartment will be complete without this piece; therefore, considering investing in a chair that gives your room life, color, and a sophisticated style.

We did some searching online for chairs in Bangkok; our top pick was the ’Poppy Chair’ from Corner 43. Not only is it versatile and can be incorporated into many upcoming interior design trends, it looks like a great piece of furniture to accentuate any apartment.


Design Trend 4: Touch

One of the most important things to consider when designing your apartment is ‘touch’; after all everything that you will do in your home will involve touching an object. Your fabrics should be touchable, with warmth and comfort; by doing so, the space will become inviting and engaging. Consider adding small objects made from natural material such as roots, reeds, and woods. These can look great against a variety of colors; therefore, can be used throughout any of the interior design trends. Furthermore, the markets throughout Thailand can be a perfect place to find these furnishings.


Design Trend 5: Take the ‘y’ out of Smiley

When designing your Bangkok apartment incorporate the happiness, or even silliness, of everyday objects. For example, don’t just buy a table because you need one; buy a table because it makes you smile. Find structure in the silliness of objects by taking away their context and using them in a new way. For example use those beautiful glass measuring cups as small flower vases or consider taking wallpaper and applying it to anything but the wall; such as, the headboard of your bed, or in picture frames; you would be surprised as to how incredible it can look! Taking this approach can be fun, yet cost effective, while allowing everyday objects to become new exciting functions.


It’s All About You

Most importantly, the interior design of your Bangkok apartment should showcase and sum-up who you are. It is about expressing how you feel and what your interests are. If you allow yourself to put your whole heart into the concept, rest assured, you will have an apartment that impresses, dazzles, and intrigues.


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