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How to Think and Act Different in the Thai Property Market

How to Think and Act Different in the Thai Property Market

Think Big

Thailand can act as a leverage for people’s property dreams.


For the first time in their lives it may be possible to think, act, design and realize a property dream that isn’t possible in their home markets.


If it’s the super tranquil and sedate nature of Northern Thailand around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai the mellow types can relocate to nirvana. For others it’s all about the proximity to the beach that realizes their lifelong dreams. Living only minutes away from the sea is a lifelong dream still affordable to many expats and foreigners, that Europe has long since limited development on.


Many are driven by the excitement of living in the most popular Asian metropolis destination on the planet, called Bangkok. The total immersion of living in a buzzing city with its exotic nightlife and sophisticated dining scene is a powerful magnet on the jaded international traveller’s itinerary.


The question about where to live and buy property often comes at the latter end of a life of hard work, so think about what kind of person you want to be in your evening years, and what kind of lifestyle you wish to have as well as the Thai property that is commensurate with that life.


Then go for it!


Do the Travel Research

One of the traps of frequent visitors to Bangkok and Thailand is a little complacency on how the property market works.


Connections are made and little verification is pursued to see if the advice is robust. For example Bangkok is a totally different world from the rural areas in terms of potential problems and opportunities.


A little research can offer a very satisfactory alternative. Some time spent travelling around the capital or country can refresh the palate of even the most jaded visitor into exploring alternative Thai property investments. Our experiences shape our views and opinions, and thus it’s important to break out off the beaten path and expose ourselves to the full spectrum.


Try to broaden your outlook and spectrum of choice with up to date information, and immersion into different geographies and properties to leverage all the learning possible.


Travel is how we open our eyes to the possibilities. Travel forces us to revisit and reconsider our assumptions as well as exposing us to ideas and ways of living that we may not have previously considered.


Is Your International Pension an Option?

The frequent traveller and investor in Thailand will be sensitive to currency fluctuations in Thailand.


However exchange rates between the Kingdom and abroad are still a favourable factor to the international property seeker and investor. Your modest pension allowance from your country of origin can provide a rewarding and fulfilling retirement in Thailand.


Destination Bangkok

Bangkok infrastructures are now mature enough and sufficiently distributed to provide a comfortable lifestyle to the capital property seeker.


Access to more rural areas, is a simple affair of a coach, car or flight. Living in the capital opens up potential for Bangkok residents to escape elsewhere in the country.

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