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Great Condo Deals in the ‘Burbs

Great Condo Deals in the ‘Burbs

Most people who are hunting for condos in Bangkok tend to start their search in trendy areas of the city such as Thong Lor, Ekkamai and Asoke. While there are plenty of modern, fully furnished apartments to choose from in these areas, prices tend to be sky high, which makes them merely a dream for many people.


However, there are also some excellent condos to be found in the suburb areas of Bangkok such as Punnawitthi, Udom Suk and Wongwian Yai. All of these areas are connected to the rest of the city by Skytrain and MRT lines, which makes it possible to travel right into the heart of the city in as little as fifteen minutes. As long as your condo is situated within a ten-minute walk of a Skytrain or MRT station you will be able to get right into the thick of things in less than half an hour and be enjoying a drink in one of Bangkok’s stylish bars or pubs in no time at all.


In addition to the cost of condos, there are also plenty of other advantages to living in the suburbs. Unlike many so-called up market areas such as Asoke and Silom, the suburbs have a real community feel to them. People who enjoy browsing for bargains will find plenty of traditional Thai street markets and night markets in these areas, while lovers of street food will be able to take their pick from dishes from all over Thailand while they dine sitting at the side of the road and soaking up the atmosphere. Not only is eating street food a great way to save money, visitors who indulge in street food will have the chance to feel like part of the community and pick up a little conversational Thai language along the way.


The addition of several new Skytrain stations in Bangkok’s suburbs has meant that a whole host of new condos have sprung up close to these stations. The managers of these condos as well as other businesses have seized the opportunity to cater to the new residents by building supermarket chains as well as franchises of popular cafes and fast food franchises. This means that people who live in the suburbs are still able to enjoy their designer cup of coffee in the morning and shop for all of their favourite products without having to venture far from home


It is possible to scoop up a modern condo in the suburbs of Bangkok for half the price or even less than you would pay for the same condo in the heart of the city. In addition, many of these condos feature extra amenities to tempt residents such as large gardens, swimming pools, fitness centres and even tennis courts. These condos also tend to be larger than their inner city counterparts, which means that you can really spread out in your new condo and feel like home.

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