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A Guide to Buying a Condo in Bangkok

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Bangkok is one of the best cities in the world to live in. Hospitable people, pleasant climate, tropical environment, stunning temples, and scenic beaches are some of the many features of the city that attract tourists from all the four corners of the world.   A vast majority of tourists who visit Bangkok ends up purchasing condos owing to such irresistible topographies and low cost of living. While purchasing a condominium may sound easy, finding a suitable property can be a daunting ...

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent to Work With

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If you are in the real estate market, you will need to involve a good real estate agent throughout the process.   Although you can always choose to do real estate transactions without professional assistance, having a professional assist you through the process is highly recommended.   Nevertheless, choosing your real estate agent poorly could cause you more problems than you were prepared to handle, which is why you should put some effort into selecting a real estate agent.   Read on to find out how ...

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

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Reasons to invest in Real Estate
When many people hear the phrase 'investing' they immediately think about stock brokers. Although buying stocks is the most evident aspect of investing, there are many other ways in which you can invest your hard earned cash. Real estate is among the most lucrative commercial sectors that offer large chances for investors to generate lots of money with no trouble. While this commercial industry is not without its fair share of risks, you should not ignore the benefits that it ...

Which Areas of Bangkok are Best for Real Estate Investing?

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Overall, Bangkok has a very good property market. Nevertheless, some locations obviously stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of their attractiveness as real estate investment locations. These areas can give property market investors better value for money. Below is an analysis of the best areas for real estate investment locations in Bangkok.   These areas offer get great value on their properties and are very popular among foreign property investors.  


Sukhumvit is a choice real estate investment location because of ...

Top 4 Cities to Own Real Estate in Thailand

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Thailand undoubtedly happens to be one of the trendiest Southern Asia locales renowned for offering the best living abroad. Blessed with a 24/7/365 tropical climate, mountainous jungle haunts, pristine white sandy beaches, and an overabundance of mystifying ancient temples, Thailand is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of western living.   Not to mention an amiable local population that goes out of their way to welcome foreigners.   Naturally, there are many regions in this amazing nation where expats can comfortably settle, ...

Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bangkok Introduction

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Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bangkok Introduction

Bangkok has a vibrant real estate market. By the beginning of this year, foreign investors accounted for a respectable 23% of all high-end condominium sales within the city. Moreover, Bangkok's real estate market remains fairly stable and active over time, even after turbulent political periods.   As a result, Bangkok's real estate market offers lucrative investment opportunities for both locals and foreigners.  

Why You Should be Part of Bangkok’s Real Estate Market

One of the reasons to get ...

Most Expensive Condo’s in Bangkok

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Most Expensive Condo's in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most rewarding and exciting cities that you will ever visit and experience living to the fullest. It has luxury residences amidst shopping, business, entertainment, educational and cultural centers that make it a convenient and comfortable place for living.   It is has plenty of condos that foreigners and locals are scrambling to buy. The following are some of the most expensive condos in Bangkok that potential buyers may consider.  

The Le Raffine

The Le ...

Worst Places to Live in Bangkok

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Some Context

Bangkok like any other major metropolis has its fair share of areas to avoid.   Not so much because they’re unlivable, like perhaps some dangerous parts of famous cities in the West but because they have some local flavors and nuances that aren’t so palatable after a while.   There are no ‘no go’ areas in Bangkok or Thailand though there are some slum areas that a visitor might want to be fluent in Thai to communicate clearly if wandering around.  

Khao San Road

Top 4 Methodologies to Buy a Condo in Thailand

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How Good Are Estate Agents?

It’s widely recognized all around the world that the use of estate agents is a normal and trusted method for property purchases. There are however a handful of guidelines to consider before purchasing a Thai Condominium.   This is because local styles of business transaction and Thai regulations can vary considerably from your country of origin.   Reputation of the estate agent is the most important metric for any potential customer to determine before ...

Advantages of Using an Estate Agent When Seeking a Thai Home

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Expertise Has No Substitute

It doesn’t matter how much experience the individual buyer has of buying Thai houses or condominiums, because the sheer volume of transactions an estate agent will have made in their lifetime will always make them the experts.   It’s hard to match up to the reservoir of expertise a professional real estate agent will have to offer a potential buyer, even if that buyer has made one or more purchases in their time. Day to day changes in the ...

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