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Interior Design Trends for 2012

So, we welcome in the new year, The Year of the Dragon.  The Chinese calendar’s most colourful and flamboyant creature.  It seems that interior designers are taking inspiration from this mythical beast when considering their interior design trends for 2012.  This year, say ‘goodbye’ to all things neutral, calm and coordinated and instead say ‘hello’ […]

Interior Design Trends for 2013

Perhaps you have just moved in to your new Bangkok apartment; you are enjoying the view and loving all of the new space you have. However, you realize your new home lacks furniture and even worse, lacks the “enjoyable splendor” that any apartment needs. No worries; we are here to help by providing you with […]

Kitchen Design Solutions for Space-challenged Condos

Kitchen Design Solutions for Space-challenged Condos

Living in a city like Bangkok tends to mean less space per Baht in the family condo compared with its more rural counterparts. But, lack of condo space doesn’t always mean more mess and less equipment. Intelligent design solutions and innovative appliances can help any pint-sized kitchen look a million dollars. We’ve come up with […]

Smart Ways to Decorate Your Condo

Whether you spend all day at home or come home to drop after a hard day at the office, you will no doubt spend a large amount of your time in your condo. We’ve put come up with some fantastic decorating ideas to help make the most of your space.     Colour Choosing the […]

Owners! Declutter Your Bangkok Condo for Sale or Rent

When some people are considering a Bangkok condo for sale or a rental they see the lifestyle of the occupants and would love to jump right into their shoes. However, more often than not, whilst the apartment might sell an aspiration, people want to add their own touch of individuality. It is arguable whether there is […]