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Amenities Make All the Difference

Amenities Make All the Difference

No two condos are the same, and while we all know that condos come in all shapes and sizes, the types of amenities that they offer can also vary a great deal. Most modern condos come with standard amenities such as kitchens, satellite television and large bathrooms. While most condos come fully furnished, this is not always the case and you should consider whether you want to furnish your condo yourself in your own style or opt for a place that already features essential pieces of furniture such as a bed, refrigerator, tables, lamps, wardrobes and a fully equipped kitchen.


Most condos these days also offer a range of shared amenities like small gyms complete with weights and exercise machines, swimming pools, beauty salons, laundry facilities, maid services and internet connections. All of these amenities can really help to take the edge of living in the city and make your modern lifestyle even more comfortable and convenient.


Before settling on a condo it is a good idea to check out some important factors such as the surrounding area and find out what amenities are available there. For example, you enjoy eating out in the evening but don’t want to travel too far you will want to make sure that there are plenty of great restaurants located close to your new condo, while people who love to cook should search for somewhere that is situated near at least one supermarket.


Of course, the type of amenities that you choose will depend a lot on your lifestyle. People who like to entertain guests may prefer to choose a condo that comes complete with a large garden and barbeque pit, while sporty condo hunters may prefer to find a condo that features a well-equipped gym as well as a swimming pool. Some condos also offer tennis courts and games rooms, which are great places to get fit. All of these amenities can save you the time and trouble of going to the gym as well as saving you money on members’ fees.


Naturally, choosing a condo with a lot of both private and shared amenities can really push the price up, but this is also a great investment if you plan to sell your condo in the future. The more amenities your condo has the more likely it is to appeal to other people, while a condo with a lot of amenities is also sure to help you feel right at home and make the transition from your old home to your new modern condo much easier.


However, if you are someone that has a busy work schedule and prefers to go out in the evening rather than staying at home you might find that having a condo with a lot of amenities is a bit of a waste. The great thing about Bangkok is that there is sure to be a condo out there that meets your needs, so take the time to figure out exactly what you are looking for and have fun finding the perfect place.

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