Renting pet friendly apartments in Bangkok

Finding pet friendly apartments in Bangkok can be a bit of tricky task to say the least, many of the city’s apartment buildings have a strict ‘no pets allowed’ policy, while a large number of landlords and rental agencies also have a strong preference for pet-less tenants. Add to this the fact that many of the apartments in central Bangkok are less than ideal for anything larger than a small goldfish and finding somewhere you and your pet will be comfortable and accepted can be a real challenge .

However, with a little know-how and research it doesn’t have to be a totally painful task. Here are a few tips for finding that pet friendly apartment in Bangkok:

Location, location, location

If your pet likes to spend time outdoors, and be taken on regular walks, location is key. Close to a nice park doesn’t necessarily limit you to locations away from the heart of the city, in fact lower Sukhumvit is blessed with several large public parks including Benjakitti Park and Benchasiri Park.

Try to avoid large rental communities

As a general rule, the larger the rental community the more likely it is that pets will not be welcome, and it only takes one ‘pet hater’ to cause you problems and make you feel unwanted. On the contrary, small rental communities that don’t have any anti pet policies tend to be more welcoming and at the very least give you a better chance to win over your new neighbours by showing them how friendly and responsible you and your loved one are.

Try before you buy

Don’t just look on a map and circle areas in Bangkok which are near the parks, get out there and walk around (with your pet if possible!). Many apartments in Bangkok are located minutes away from a large park, but the walk to and from that said park might include walking along some very chaotic and busy pathways, or passing streets with high numbers of stray dogs.
The same goes for testing out potential apartment spaces. Firstly check if the apartment is pet proofed. Don’t be afraid to ask for a trial period. Landlords are sometimes open to trial periods, especially for pet owners who are in general known to be good long term renters.


No means no

If a landlord or an apartment building in Bangkok says ‘no pets’, it’s best to take that as your final answer. You may well talk your way in or persuade the landlord to give you a chance, but you still risk upsetting your new neighbours and ¬†you could find there was a very good reason why no pets were allowed in the first place.

If in doubt, ask!

Even if you don’t own a pet but are considering getting a pet, you have friends and family in Bangkok who have pets, or are even dating a pet owner, make sure to ask about the pet rules of the apartment and building before you make your decision and sign any contracts.

Get it in Writing

Many landlords will ask for a larger security deposit off pet owners, so it’s important you get all the rules, regulations and terms of your contract in writing! Make sure that everything discussed and agreed on is covered in writing before you sign anything.

As we recognize that it’s not always easy to get info regarding pet friendliness on the apartments available, we have recently improved our listing details to include such information and help pet lovers with their home hunting. Using our new search feature you can now find rental apartments in Bangkok for you and your beloved pets..