Where to live in Bangkok

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Where to live in Bangkok
  Thailand’s vibrant capital is a burgeoning metropolis of delectable food, friendly people and spectacular sights. For someone who’s mostly lived in the western part of the world, Bangkok offered me an easier life filled with profound awe and endless pleasure. I was born and raised a city person, so I expected Bangkok to be just like any of the other urban jungles I lived in. I was wrong. Bangkok not only exceeded my expectations, it also gave me a chance ...

Why you should buy a condo in Bangkok

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Where to live in Bangkok

The Top Reasons to Buy a Condo in Bangkok

There are many reasons why buying real estate in Thailand is a good investment, especially condos in the Bangkok area.
  • The nation of Thailand is developing quickly.
  • The prices of the condominiums in Bangkok are still cheaper compared to the other capitals of that region like Singapore or Hong Kong
  • Modern infrastructure with developed mass transport system (Skytrain and subway.
  • Bangkok is the World's top tourist destination with close to 16 million tourists for 2013
  • The ...

How the protests affect the property market in Bangkok?

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Real estate values in Thailand appear to be bruised by protests in Bangkok but the value of damage will depend on how quickly order is restored. This area of the world economy has seen several previous political protests. Those real estate investors who have a long term view of real estate investing in Thailand should be successful in the long run. Developers from Thailand are taking a temporary break from promotional real estate marketing. The current political protests within the ...

Top 10 Reasons Buying a Condo in Bangkok is Still a Good Investment

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Bangkok Property Prices
Investors who are looking to make solid returns should consider looking far and wide to find the best opportunities for their money. One specific option is the real estate industry in Bangkok, Thailand. An investment in a rental property in Bangkok provides people with a great opportunity to earn some highly rewarding returns, in a city that is continuing to boom. If you are considering buying an investment property in a foreign ...

Thailand As The Best Place To Live And Work Overseas

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Expats And Overall Satisfaction Relocating Overseas

For anyone who has ever considered relocating to another country to work or reside, you may have heard the term expats. To put it in simpler terms an expat is basically someone who leaves their native place of residence to live and work in another. Additionally, the term expatriate is defined as someone who withdraws themselves from residency of their own country to relocate to another.   In recent years, an increasing number of expats have been ...

Investing in a rental property in Bangkok

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Guide: Investing in a Rental Property in Bangkok

  Rental or to-let properties are in huge demand in Thailand, so if you are thinking of an investment, then now would be the time to venture out.   Bangkok has a heavy influx of tourists every year so if you are worried about the all time slump in the current real estate market in the rest of the world, don't be.  The calm seas, the all-year-through sunlight and beautiful weather lure many people ...

Maximise Your Condo Living Space

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Maximize living space
If you have just moved into a new condo in one of the choicest areas of Bangkok, you might find that it is a bit smaller than you are used to. However, there are a few special interior design tricks that you can use to maximise the living space in your condo to make it look and feel much larger than it actually is.   Good lighting can really open up a room and make it feel large and airy. Background lighting ...

Feng Shui Tips for Your New Condo

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Fengshui Bangkok
Many people believe that the way your condo is laid out and the placement of certain objects within it can have a big impact on the general energy of your home and also affect various areas of your life. Therefore, before you settle on the condo of your dreams, you might want to pay attention to the feng shui of the condo. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, finding a home with perfect feng shui can help you to live a ...

Getting on With Your Neighbours

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When you move into a new condo you suddenly find yourself surrounded by a large number of neighbours. Because of the nature of condos and the fact that most people who live in the city lead extremely busy lives, connecting with our neighbours can be tricky. In fact, studies have shown that up to 80% of the people of live in condos don’t even know the first names of the people who live next door to them. However, getting to know ...

Finding Your Feet in Bangkok

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Moving in
Establishing yourself in Bangkok can sometimes take a little time, especially if you are new to the big city and don’t know many people yet. However, the quicker you make friends and settle into your new life, the more comfortable you will feel. Making friends with both local people and expats who are familiar with Bangkok can really help you to feel at home, and they can provide you with plenty of useful hints and tips to make the transition ...

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