Living In Bangkok With Pets

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Living In Bangkok With Pets

Due to the size and opportunities available in Thailand, a lot of people from western countries plan to come here and work.   When you plan to leave your home to travel hundreds and thousands of miles, it can create a huge emotional strain.   There's the strain of moving out of your comfort zone, leaving family and loved ones. Some of these loved ones have a tail, four legs, and even fins.   If you want to bring them with ...

Cost of renting in Bangkok

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Cost of renting in Bangkok

You are coming to Bangkok; you are excited and ready, but don’t know how to go about renting an apartment. Here is a look at the cost of renting in Bangkok.  

Housing- Average Rents

As long as you are not living in Bangkok’s central business district, by far the most costly place to live in all of Thai, you should be able to rent a house for just a few thousands baht per month.   At the low end, ...

Why Do People Love Bangkok?

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Why Do People Love Bangkok?

Bangkok is one of Thailand's most thriving, thrilling and culturally stimulating city to visit.   The city is known for lovely islands, unique cuisines, colorful nightlife, thriving metropolises, beautiful temples, and infinite opportunities for shopping enthusiasts.   The city offers a unique conflict of delights ranging from award-winning hotels to shopping arcades which sell both local and western items.   With all these, visitors will see and feel the setting of the old Thai culture everywhere ...

Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bangkok Introduction

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Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bangkok Introduction

Bangkok has a vibrant real estate market. By the beginning of this year, foreign investors accounted for a respectable 23% of all high-end condominium sales within the city. Moreover, Bangkok's real estate market remains fairly stable and active over time, even after turbulent political periods.   As a result, Bangkok's real estate market offers lucrative investment opportunities for both locals and foreigners.  

Why You Should be Part of Bangkok’s Real Estate Market

One of the reasons to get ...

Most Expensive Condo’s in Bangkok

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Most Expensive Condo's in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most rewarding and exciting cities that you will ever visit and experience living to the fullest. It has luxury residences amidst shopping, business, entertainment, educational and cultural centers that make it a convenient and comfortable place for living.   It is has plenty of condos that foreigners and locals are scrambling to buy. The following are some of the most expensive condos in Bangkok that potential buyers may consider.  

The Le Raffine

The Le ...

Real Estate in Thailand

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Real Estate in Thailand

Thailand is progressively becoming a destination of choice among the international pensioners and the business tourists doing business in the jurisdiction comprising the Association of South-East Asian Nations.   As a result, it appears that there is increasing demand for houses in Thailand. Keeping this in mind you need to be aware of the fact that the variations between the pricing and the accommodation provided by condos of various quality differs across a wide range of the Thailand ...

Top Italian Restaurants in Bangkok

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The Thai and Italy Match

All around the world, people of good taste and conviviality enjoy the excellent food and resounding wines of Italy.   No need to concern yourself if that standard can be maintained in the capital as some of the best Italian chefs’ work in Bangkok.   Many have gained some of the most reputable experience around the planet in top hotels and leading restaurants. The match between the Thais and the Italians is more intimate than many would suspect.   The Thai language ...

Bangkok Activities for Children

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Siam Ocean World

When the old Siam Intercontinental Hotel was torn down to make way for the Siam Paragon many of us were horrified that a colonial style building with some of the most elegant lawns and trees in Bangkok was leaving to make way for commercial space.   It’s true we still miss those tropical vistas and would have them back in a heartbeat but the Siam Paragon Shopping Centre has a number of attractions for children ...

Bangkok Designers to Keep an Eye On

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Bangkok Fashion

Thailand has become an increasingly important part of the Asian fashion world.   Local designers trained abroad and experienced in international environments have come home to Bangkok and established their own design brands.   There are also local designers who have kept the faith with local textiles, Thai materials and styles of dress making and embroidery.   There was a time when trying to support local designers left the female Thai dressed somewhat awkwardly in the style of yesteryear silks and fabrics but these days ...

Western Women in Bangkok

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A Changing Scene

For many years Bangkok was mainly a destination for the Western Expat male.   This is largely because of normative reasons in the cultural selection of staff to work abroad or the self-selection of the kind of people who chose to move to Bangkok to work there.   The first influxes of Westerners were mainly the US military from the Vietnam War days and the streak of machismo this left, lasted for many decades. Even up to 20 years ago Bangkok wasn’t ...

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