Thailand’s Vibrant Hotel Investment Market

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Hotel investment thailand
Real estate investors, both local and foreign, have contributed to a solid and steady rise across Thailand’s hotel industry in the almost seven years since the start of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). According to figures released by the Hotels and Hospitality Group of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), the value of hotel transactions in 2014 in Thailand hit 13.9 billion baht. This was the equivalent of 5.7 percent of all transactions in the Asia-Pacific region. Those figures showed an increase from ...

Major Companies Look to Restructure and Invest Despite Poor GDP Numbers

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Alternative Investment Thailand
The Bank of Thailand recently reduced its GDP growth forecast for 2015 by 0.1 percent to 3.7 percent on the back of declining export numbers. One of the main reasons the reduction was not even greater was due to the surge in tourism, with numbers up by 23.9 percent in the first four months of the year. Even so, the independent Kasikorn Research Centre reduced its growth forecast from an original four percent to just 2.8 percent in April.

Bangkok Condo Finder Property Round Up – May 2015

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Bangkok Condo Finder's May Round Up.Links to the articles: Posted by Bangkok Condo Finder on Friday, June 5, 2015

Welcome to the Bangkok Condo Finder round up. I’m Derren Stephens. While Thailand’s economy as a whole remains stagnant the Global Property Guide has reported significant ...

BTS and MRT Hold the Keys to the Condo Market

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Sky Train in Bangkok
Figures currently available for the first quarter of this year regarding real estate development in Bangkok have shown ‘that 85 percent of all condominium units launched…this year were near existing, under-construction and planned BTS or MRT lines.’[i] While this is hardly surprising, it does reinforce the fact that as BTS and MRT lines inexorably move out further and further across Bangkok, the price of the limited land available on which to construct condominiums is set to continue to rise ...

Infrastructure plans aimed at greatly improving investment

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Infrastructure plans aimed at greatly improving investment-41684
On 27 March this year the military-installed cabinet approved a 1.91 trillion baht eight-year infrastructure development plan. The three key planks to this plan involve metre-gauge rail network expansion, national highway expansion and further improvements and expansion of the mass transit facilities available in Bangkok.[i] This is easily the biggest and most expensive and expansive series of infrastructure developments to be undertaken in the history of Thailand. Some 56 percent of the budget allocated for the projects will be ...

Property deals and joint ventures continue, despite slow growth

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Thailand Property Deals
Thailand’s property sector is ‘improving gradually but is expected to see renewed risks from the fragile global economy and unfavourable political sentiment in the second half, even as competition intensifies,’ says the Bangkok Post in its latest ‘Property Focus’ issue. Although the economy is slowing, ‘housing demand in Greater Bangkok remained stable in the first quarter, compared with the fourth quarter last year…’[i] According to the same report, sales were very good in February, March and April, and certainly, despite ...

Housing Starts Contract Ahead of Expected Rebound

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Thailand Construction 2015
According to data released by the Bank of Thailand and reported on the Trading Economics website,[1] housing starts across Thailand decreased to 6,227 units in February this year, down from the 7,211 units which commenced in January. That equates to a drop of almost 14 percent from the previous month and is the lowest figure registered in Thailand since the beginning of 2013. Even so, these numbers are a long way from the record low of just 1,267 units ...

5 Shops You Must Visit In Bangkok If You Are Redecorating Your Bathroom

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Truthfully, Bangkok has several great places where you can purchase home décor items, including everything you need to redecorate your bathroom. Some shops will offer great bargains on what you need, while others will give you incredible options in terms of design choices. Luckily, Thailand has a rich home furnishings culture, which means you will find furnishings that will completely blow you away, if you know where to look.   Of all the good places you can buy bathroom decorations, the following ...

Learning to Scuba Dive in Thailand

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Thailand is one of the top destinations for scuba divers. The scuba diving culture goes back several decades. This means that you can always learn how to scuba dive from some of the best scuba diving experts in in the world. Thailand has several dive sites, which means you have plenty of opportunities to explore the Thailand's underwater world through exciting diving adventures.   Below are some reasons why learning to scuba dive in Thailand is a great idea.  

A Good Choice Of ...

Taking a Boat Trip Along the Chao Phraya River

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  The Chao Phraya River offers some of the best leisure experiences in Thailand. Not only will you see spectacular natural beauty, but you will also have unimagined fun as you explore the richness of Thai culture and history. Due to the interest the river has generated among tourists, there are currently several boat ride options for tourists wishing to take a boat trip along the Chao Phraya River.   Here is what taking a boat trip along the Chao Phraya River entails.  

Enjoy ...

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