Experiencing a New Culture When Moving to Bangkok

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The culture of Bangkok dates back to several centuries. The archaeological excavations in the northern area of Nakorn Ratchasima prove that people started living here from the past 400 years.   Monarchy played a vital role in the medieval times. But today, Thailand has its own constitution with a rich bout of democracy.  

The Religion

People of Bangkok are very friendly and warm. They are too polite to be offensive. But they as a nation, have borders of behavior which should ...

Best Places for Holidays in Thailand

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Thailand is a great destination popular for its ancient temples, gleaming fields, vivid nightlife, animal parks and hospitable people. The country also has an abundance of striking sandy beaches and rich rainforest lagoons making it one of the best tourist destinations in the world.   Some of these attractions have been documented on TV and featured in numerous Hollywood films and it is easy to see why. A visit to some of these attractions is sure to send a tremble up your ...

Where is the Best Street Food in Bangkok?

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Bangkok, Thailand. Home to over 14 million people is a hub and center for development and an exciting fusion of cultures. Being the capital and most developed city in Thailand, Bangkok boasts of a cool balance between bustling industry developments that maintenance of old traditions and history of the area. This center of Thailand’s economy and modernization has a culture that reflects the disposition.   The urban center is the meeting point of the Western ideals and the traditional Thai values are ...

Top 4 Cities to Own Real Estate in Thailand

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Thailand undoubtedly happens to be one of the trendiest Southern Asia locales renowned for offering the best living abroad. Blessed with a 24/7/365 tropical climate, mountainous jungle haunts, pristine white sandy beaches, and an overabundance of mystifying ancient temples, Thailand is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of western living.   Not to mention an amiable local population that goes out of their way to welcome foreigners.   Naturally, there are many regions in this amazing nation where expats can comfortably settle, ...

Tips to Learning The Thai Language

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Tips to Learning The Thai Language

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the Asian continent. There are several reasons why the country receives a lot of visitors - from the delicious Thai food to the beaches, to its ancient and contemporary Buddhist temples, there is a lot to see and experience in this beautiful country.   Native English speakers, from time to time, are needed to teach in Thailand, making it one of the most popular destinations for tourists travelling ...

Living In Bangkok With Pets

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Living In Bangkok With Pets

Due to the size and opportunities available in Thailand, a lot of people from western countries plan to come here and work.   When you plan to leave your home to travel hundreds and thousands of miles, it can create a huge emotional strain.   There's the strain of moving out of your comfort zone, leaving family and loved ones. Some of these loved ones have a tail, four legs, and even fins.   If you want to bring them with ...

Cost of renting in Bangkok

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Cost of renting in Bangkok

You are coming to Bangkok; you are excited and ready, but don’t know how to go about renting an apartment. Here is a look at the cost of renting in Bangkok.  

Housing- Average Rents

As long as you are not living in Bangkok’s central business district, by far the most costly place to live in all of Thai, you should be able to rent a house for just a few thousands baht per month.   At the low end, ...

Why Do People Love Bangkok?

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Why Do People Love Bangkok?

Bangkok is one of Thailand's most thriving, thrilling and culturally stimulating city to visit.   The city is known for lovely islands, unique cuisines, colorful nightlife, thriving metropolises, beautiful temples, and infinite opportunities for shopping enthusiasts.   The city offers a unique conflict of delights ranging from award-winning hotels to shopping arcades which sell both local and western items.   With all these, visitors will see and feel the setting of the old Thai culture everywhere ...

Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bangkok Introduction

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Understanding the Real Estate Market in Bangkok Introduction

Bangkok has a vibrant real estate market. By the beginning of this year, foreign investors accounted for a respectable 23% of all high-end condominium sales within the city. Moreover, Bangkok's real estate market remains fairly stable and active over time, even after turbulent political periods.   As a result, Bangkok's real estate market offers lucrative investment opportunities for both locals and foreigners.  

Why You Should be Part of Bangkok’s Real Estate Market

One of the reasons to get ...

Most Expensive Condo’s in Bangkok

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Most Expensive Condo's in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most rewarding and exciting cities that you will ever visit and experience living to the fullest. It has luxury residences amidst shopping, business, entertainment, educational and cultural centers that make it a convenient and comfortable place for living.   It is has plenty of condos that foreigners and locals are scrambling to buy. The following are some of the most expensive condos in Bangkok that potential buyers may consider.  

The Le Raffine

The Le ...

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