Renting in Bangkok

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The Big Picture

Bangkok is a heaving sprawling metropolis that in some respects doesn’t really end anywhere as the route to Pattaya is by and large completely populated from the beginning of the journey to the end.   There are excellent locations to live in the suburbs and South of the Chao Phraya River but for the purposes of this article it is best to focus on the inner city locations from a major thoroughfare perspective.   The newcomer can now take advantage of the ...

Advantages of Using an Estate Agent When Seeking a Thai Home

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Expertise Has No Substitute

It doesn’t matter how much experience the individual buyer has of buying Thai houses or condominiums, because the sheer volume of transactions an estate agent will have made in their lifetime will always make them the experts.   It’s hard to match up to the reservoir of expertise a professional real estate agent will have to offer a potential buyer, even if that buyer has made one or more purchases in their time. Day to day changes in the ...

Thailand Real Estate News

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Thailand 6th Most Popular Chinese Real Estate Investment

Moving up from 8th most popular to 6th most popular Chinese Real Estate investment location is Thailand. The Chinese market is often seeking to make investments abroad to balance their portfolios and in some cases conceal and diversify any profits made in their domestic market. Pattaya is the lead destination with Bangkok coming in second.   Most purchases are for second holiday or vacation homes, with most Chinese buyers taking a longer term ...

Cheap Rentals in Bangkok

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How Cheap Can it be

It used to be a lot cheaper as food and the cost of living has risen faster in Thailand than in many developed countries, but it’s still possible to get by on $250 a month, all in, for the experienced expert in parsimony.   However, we recommend allocating a minimum of $400 for the newcomer who doesn’t know how to get by on vapors.   To do this the resident needs to live close to a wet market and know ...

Cultural Aspects of Living in Bangkok

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Cultural Aspects of Living in Bangkok-25816

The Wai

There are few more irritating cultural faux pas than doing a Wai wrongly or at the wrong time.   Thais are actually somewhat OK about foreigners making the error, so it’s more a Western perspective on getting it wrong, but if something is worth doing it’s worth doing right, or at least at the right time.   The Wai is when the hands are brought together and the head tilted down. It can be used as a greeting, as a goodbye, as a ...

Living by the Chaophraya River

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Living by the Chaophraya River-25810

Bangkok Living

There are even a few central districts that are rocking the neon till the earlier hours or even right through night in some neighborhoods.   This is part of the attraction of Bangkok, its spice and sizzle or frantic mad pace during the heat and/or clattering noise during the rainy season.  

Where to Live for Peace of Mind

If the rumble of traffic or hawking of goods isn’t for you there are always concealed tiny Sois in even the heart of Bangkok that ...

Bangkok Real Estate News

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Bangkok Real Estate News-25802

Property Rises on the Up?

As forecast in previous reports, property prices across Bangkok are not rising uniformly but the best growth is seen from those locations that are closest to the expanding Rapid Transit System.   On the Eastern flank of the Chao Phraya river the metro rail’s purple line has seen up to six fold increases in prices, in comparison to year on year prices from 2006.   Since 2011 when the Purple Line construction commenced ...

Power Tips for Making the Right Condominium Purchase in the Bangkok Market

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Power Tips for Making the Right Condominium Purchase in the Bangkok Market-25797

The Deposit Is a Negotiating Tool

No greater commitment to a property sale takes place than making a deposit on a purchase. For this reason the buyer is urged to the outcome as a leverage tool in the negotiation process. There’s no turning back once the deposit has been placed and so retrospective negotiations cannot take place after the money is transferred.   Use that power shift wisely in negotiations, and make no commitments until all the fine details are teased out ...

Is Thailand Still a Good Investment for Condominiums?

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Is Thailand Still a Good Investment for Condominiums?-25791


In loose brush strokes the Thai property market is still a vibrant investment vehicle with some attention needed to discern between the commercial and personal property market. Distribution of property sales is uneven through Thailand, although the macro view is robust and proceeding well from an international perspective.   The following factors are probably the most urgent when a client is considering investing in the Thai condominium market.  

Coastline Destinations

Phuket, Pattaya and Hin are the three major coastline ...

Top Five Ways to Improve Your Thai Home

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Top Five Ways to Improve Your Thai Home-25771

Flowers Transform a Home

Home owners, particularly men, often forget that the addition of a vase or two of flowers can transform even the most unruly or messy home. Flowers show an emotional investment in the living environment and an appreciation of beauty that dominates even a behind-schedule clean up or the delay of a maids visit.   Some of the most extraordinary Thai orchids and flowers are to be discovered and appreciated in Thailand. A reasonable budget of ...

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